HobbiesRus is conducting classes in several gated residential complexes in Bangalore. Currently we have Dance, Music , Yoga , Taekwondo , Tennis classes going on in these complexes. We are also tied up with various Preschools in Bangalore where we have activities conducted either as part of regular school curriculum or post school hours. Don't hesitate to contact us :

  • If you would like to start some activity class in your own residential complex.
  • Either if you are a Preschool/School owner and would like to add classes through us in your curriculum    OR
  • You would like to tie up with us to conduct post school activity classes so kids in your school and around your neighborhood can benefit !!!


HobbiesRus is conducting Summer Camp SUN-FUN 2015 at Kiddies Den, Whitefield.

Its a 4 week fun filled package including activities like Dance, Music,

Introduction to Instruments, Art activities , Taekwondo , Pottery, Yoga,

Professional Photo shoot and Ramp walk.